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We would love to tell you some of the history of the Mastbosch hotel Breda …

The Hotel, located opposite the Mastbos, has existed since 1897. Back then, captain de Groot and some of his friends were talking in Ginneken about the lack of decent overnight accommodation around the magnificent Mastbos. Somewhat inebriated, the Captain spoke the legendary words; “I will show you how to do that!”. The next day, he kept his word and bought a piece of land on the edge of the forest. In 1897, the Mastbosch Hotel was realised, and the first guests were being welcomed. In that year, there was just a small hotel with only 25 rooms and a dining room. Right outside the door of the Mastbosch hotel Breda there was stop for a horse tram to Breda. In the first decades of the hotel, little changed except occasionally its owners. Mastbosch Hotel Breda history 1905
Mastbosch Hotel Breda history 1905

“I will show you how to do that!”
Mastbosch Hotel Breda history 1927
Only by the end of the 1960s, when the hotel was taken over by the Van Saarloos family, there was a large expansion with two new wings (now the Prince Willem Alexander Hall and the Grand Café Heeren van Oranje). In the 70’s and 80’s more rooms were built, bringing the number of rooms to the present 47. The last change occurred in 1997, when the hotel went bankrupt and was taken over by its current owners.

Rotisserie De Paardentram (The Horse Tram) was extensively reconstructed into the Grand Café Heeren van Oranje, which honours Breda’s affiliation to the Orange Nassau-family. Breda is part of the Union of Orange Cities and for more than half a century it has been the Nassau-residence in the Netherlands.

The spacious rooms on the ground floor of the Mastbosch hotel Breda were also reconstructed and now carry the names Maurits Hall, Willem I Hall and Prince Willem Alexander Hall.

Now, over a hundred years later, guests are still being welcomed! Many changes have already taken place, but the atmosphere and hospitality has remained the same throughout the years!

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